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   YuYang forging Co., LTD is located in wuxi taihu lake, covers an area of ShuoFangZhen for 3 million square meters, is China's forging industry in professional forging production enterprise, and is crawler crane joint professional manufacturers, the company registered capital of us $400 million, with total investment of $15 million.
    The company equipment, complete tooling advanced have imported vertical machining center. Have 1000 tons, 1,600 tons, 6300 tons etc multiple friction press production line and matching mould processing equipment. At the same time can provide a powerful mechanical processing matching capacity. Can produce forgings weight 10 kilograms to more than 200 kg......
   The company owns complete and advanced sets of machinery equipments and sophisticated set-up tools which include imported vertical machining center. There are several friction pressure production lines such as 630 tons, 1000 tons, and 1600 tons, along with die processing lines. The weight range of our products is from 0.5 kilograms to 40 kilograms……
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